Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hey - now I'm a web designer!

I'm sitting in front of a well-thumbed book on creating web pages, and feeling distinctly chuffed. After several attempt to create html files, I discovered Note Tab by Fookes software. After a couple of hours work, I'd created three linked web pages! I've finally got the hang of it. So now I can start to build those websites I've got in mind.

Perhaps this afternoon's burst of creativity was stimulated by my walk this morning. Determined to get out of the house on such a glorious autumn day, I walked to Wollaton Park. There is a huge lake there, and the echoing calls of the birds and the splashes and ripples in the water were immensely soothing.

Flowing today, definitely flowing ...


Blogger scorzonera said...

Wollaton lake brings back memories. Last time I was there, ooh, 12 years ago, it was frozen. We chucked stones so they skidded and bounced over the ice. Lovely, indescribable sound.

10:59 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Wow - that's a big lake to freeze!

7:08 pm  

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