Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Measuring Progress

On Monday evening, we finished work earlier than usual and headed down the M40 to measure up our new house. It hasn’t been cleaned yet, so is still depressingly grubby. Armed with tape measure and notepad, we tried to map the layout. Not easy; I don’t seem to have the right bit of brain to do diagrams.

This morning, using the actual measurements, I refined my little graph paper plans of where our furniture will go. There was a nasty moment when I compared the width of the sofa with the width of the lounge door. However, having re-measured the sofa height and compared it with the width of the patio door, I think there may be a solution. Apparently, Pickfords are very good in such situations anyway.

The house has not been lived in for some months, and feels quite abandoned. I’m hoping that with some TLC and attention, it will feel more like a home. And as for the garden – well! The house is choked with ivy; the gravel drive carpeted with dock and dandelion; and there is some creeping weed (name unknown) wedged in-between the paving and the house. Any ideas how I can stick to my principles and tame that lot without using chemicals?


Anonymous Beth said...

Wot you needs is a flamethrower

5:11 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Ah - you mean like one of these Now there's an idea. I think Rick would like to play with one of those.

7:50 pm  
Anonymous Beth said...

Steve says: "that's a poxy little thing, you need a real one". So I showed him your photos and he said "you'd have to be careful with a big one that close to the house!" - so he agrees, yes, that one is ideal for oyur needs. He also says "a strimmer is good".

The trouble with strimmers is - you need ot be careful to chop everything down before it seeds - or you just end up spreading the seed. And then you have to keep on top of it if you are going to weaken the growth enough for it to die. I'd go for the flame route myself ;-)

12:12 pm  

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