Thursday, February 17, 2005


This week, as R was in Scotland with our car, I hired a little Peugeot 206 and drove myself to Warwick on Monday. To avoid traffic, I set off at 6.30 am. Despite this, I was astonished on arriving at Coventry to find the usual queues of traffic completely absent. Then someone pointed out that it is half-term. Doh.
I stayed in a cheap hotel overnight, as I could not face commuting both days again. However, I woke at 3 in the morning, then when I finally decided to get up at 6.30 there was no hot water. I don’t like cold showers.
It was a huge relief to get home safely again. Although I am enjoying work more now, I am also much busier. The whole pace at which I have to move is faster than I am used to. You have to move fast to get a job done in two days!
Yesterday, I was exhausted again (not helped by my efficient body clock waking me at 5.45!) There was a lot that I wanted to do, but the energy just was not there. I slept in the afternoon, and then parked myself on the sofa with my knitting. I’ve finished the back of my jumper now, and started on the front. I have never made it this far through a jumper before! I have great hopes of finishing this one.
Today I’ve felt much better. I’ve caught up with my writing course and been for a walk in the drizzle. It is warmer today, and those ‘woodsy’ smells are very much in evidence. The quality of birdsong is spring like too – I think there must be certain calls or certain birds that start in the spring. I wish I knew what they are so I could be more descriptive.


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