Monday, January 17, 2005

What am I doing here? It's Monday.

It’s OK, I am still employed. I’m working Wednesday and Thursday this week, because there is an evening meeting that I need to go to on Wednesday. It does seem very strange, though, to have such a big gap between working days.

I found myself feeling guilty last week for not being in work – as if there was something that I should be doing. I think working 2 days will take some adjusting to. I need to constantly remind myself that they only pay me for 2 days.

We had another viewer yesterday, but her husband couldn’t make it so they will at the very least need to look again if she was interested. She wanted a garden for her children to play in, and ours is a bit on the small side, so possibly not.

I found an excellent knitting book in the library - "Knit Hats!" by Gwen Steege. There are some fun patterns in here, including one that uses point five Colinette hand-painted yarn I’m now determined to finish my hat so I can justify rushing out to buy some of this and make another.


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