Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Still here

It seems like a long time since I’ve written anything here. So what have I been up to?
Work is starting to get easier (thank goodness). I’ve had a horrible first few weeks, feeling out of my depth and doubting whether I can do it. However, I had my first ‘good’ day last Tuesday – and realised it was the first day that I had not started the day exhausted. We had finished work at a normal time on the Monday, gone to a local hotel and gone to bed at 9pm! So Tuesday was the first day that I felt I had enough energy to face the day. Yesterday was similar, and I had my best day yet. I ran my first unaccompanied face-to-face guidance session, and it went really well. My client said it had been very productive and she had lots to go away and do. Success!
Last week, I went up to Darlington for the funeral of my Great Aunt. I got the train up on Thursday morning and helped my Gran wrestle a trolley around Morrisons in the afternoon. My Uncle came up from near Taunton, arriving in the evening. It was strange to see him again. The last time I saw, or even spoke to him, was 20 years ago. It was lovely to watch him and Mum catching up with each other. The old photos came out, and there was lots of ‘do you remember?’ and ‘what was his name again?’ I went to bed and left them to it, I think they talked well into the night.
I travelled with my Gran in the limousine to the funeral. When we arrived at the Crem, we sat waiting in the car. Everyone seemed to be waiting for something. Eventually they let us out, and apologised that the organist hadn’t turned up. We later found out that they phoned him to ask if he was coming. “Yes,” he said. “Two fifteen, it’s in my diary.” “No, ten fifteen,” they said. Well, he is 90.
On the knitting front, I’m experimenting with big needles and doubled-up chunky weight wool. I like the big jumpers that Rowan have patterns for, but the wool is £6.75 a ball which is just a bit steep for a part-time salary to cope with. I’ve yet to prove that I can finish a large garment anyway, so I’d rather experiment with something cheaper. It doesn’t feel at all as nice as wool, but it has the advantage of being washable (oh, I’m so practical).
No news on the house I’m afraid. I know it will make a big difference to me when we don’t have to travel so far to work, leaving me with much more energy to actually do my job. But the market will pick up again eventually, I’m sure.


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