Monday, January 03, 2005


Yesterday I gave into my inexplicable impulse to knit. I headed to Wilkos, bought the only pair of knitting needles that they sold, and two balls of wool - one a rich shade of scarlet, the other pale lilac. Then I searched on the web for an easy woolly hat pattern.
Casting on was a pig. By the first row, I was wondering whose idea this had been in the first place. But now I've got 14 rows (about an inch and half) of rich scarlet wooliness, and I'm quite pleased with myself.
Now, I remember knitting when I was a child. The act of knitting brings back all sorts of random childhood memories. But sadly, I cannot remember ever finishing anything. Not so much as a blanket-square.
So I guess my challenge is to turn that inch and a half into a finished garment! If I ever manage it, I'll post a photograph. Do you think I'll get it finished while the weather is still cold enough to wear it??


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