Monday, June 20, 2005

More waiting

We spent yesterday driving around Warwickshire in the sweltering heat, looking for places to rent. We've found one we liked (nice views, nice house, no community facilities what-so-ever but you can't have it all) and now I'm discovering what the application process is like.
We left a message yesterday to say we wanted to apply, and I left another first thing this morning. Then I got a call to say someone else came in this morning, and they want to apply too. So it's a race.
"Can you drop the application forms and cheque in today?" the girl on the phone asked.
Well, not really. I'm in Nottingham. So we're trying to do the thing by email, and a cheque is already in the post. I'm just waiting for contact details for a work reference for Rick. He, of course, is in back to back meetings.
I just want to know where I'm going to live!!!! sigh


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