Tuesday, April 19, 2005

They've been

Well, I'm still hopeful! Mrs Very Pregnant arrived with Aunt (who was very nice) and they had a good, long look round on their own. They were very busy. They worked out that the wall of the small bedroom is not load bearing (by Aunt going up into the loft) and that they could therefore enlarge the little room into the huge master bedroom (no-one else has thought of that, including us!) They've extended the kitchen out into the coal shed. They've stripped out the hawthorne hedge (ouch on a lot of levels) and replaced it with fence panels.
The sun co-operated for once, and displayed the house at its most charming. Warm light streamed in through the French windows to the lounge, and onto the yellow walls of the bedroom. The birds sang, and the garden will have been fragrant with warm soil cooling down.
Mrs V.P. kept wandering around the rooms for a second and third time, before they started to leave, and we stood chatting on the doorstep for a while. We had a laugh about ways to bring on the reluctant baby, and Aunt admired the clematis tumbling over the front porch.
What do you reckon?


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