Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, now we've got to find somewhere to live. This is turning out to be interesting. To rent a place takes only 2-4 weeks. To sell a place takes 6-8 weeks. It can only take 1 week between exchange and completion. Letting agencies won't let you sign a letting agreement until you've exchanged.
I know this sounds like a maths exam problem, and it certainly feels like one.
Despite all this, I'm just getting on with it anyway, and have booked to view 3 properties on Saturday. This is exciting, because we can think at last about what we might be moving towards, instead of only thinking of what we are leaving.
I instructed the solicitor last Friday, and all the paperwork has apparently been sent out so we are definitely proceeding. Our buyers want to complete in mid-July which seems very soon to me. It's extremely unnerving having nowhere lined up to go to. Some might call it an adventure! At least with letting, if we make a mistake it is not unrectifiable.


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