Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Flowing today

My head is buzzing. I've just been freewriting a hero epic tale involving a pink moon and an octopus creature. I've had a thoroughly magical time. Its a bit - well, wierd.

And I've done my tax return. I've been putting it off for ages, as last time I did it I was in floods of tears. This time it was a doddle. Memo to self: don't put off something you are dreading; it might just turn out to be easier than you think.

And all my blood test results came back normal. I am a healthy person. I just get tired. Who wouldn't, if they got up every morning before 6 o'clock?

And finally - I went for a run this morning. Anyone who happened to be watching would probably describe it as more of a joggle - a mixture between jogging and ambling.

Time to pack my bag for work tomorrow - I've changed my days this week as we've got a team day on Thursday. Seems a long time since work last Tuesday, and I'm completely confused about what day it is. It is Sunday - isn't it?


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