Thursday, November 03, 2005


Today, I'm exhausted. Wrung out.

We had family to stay at the weekend - two adults, three teenagers, one dog. I enjoyed seeing them, but it was a tiring weekend. We did two walks on the Saturday, and visited Bygones yet again on Sunday (it was tipping it down).

Monday and Tuesday at work were particularly tiring for some reason. I was so shattered by the end of the day that my eyes were sensitive to light, and I couldn't find the right words. Speaking was really hard work.

Yesterday was art class, and provided some relief. We had our first 'lecture' where we discussed 'what is drawing'? It is an interesting question with no definable answer. In the afternoon, we set up a still life, observed it for five minutes ... and then walked into the adjacent studio to draw it from memory! What a shambles. I had great difficulty with a rucksack, which was just a swirl of lines. I couldn't work it out at all. However, it did teach us to concentrate on the drawing itself, thinking how we could pull it together and make it work. I'm not sure I succeeded!

Oh, and we do have mice. We heard scratching in the loft, so Rick popped up to investigate. The mouse was waiting for him. It eyed Rick, scuttled down one side of the loft space, turned to have another look, scuttled in another direction and finally vaulted into a dark corner. I thought they were supposed to be timid?


Blogger Sue said...

Hi Carole,
Mice are not timid if they have not had a reason to be scared:>}}
You can get humane traps that you put stuff in, they walk in, and it closes, then you can release them into the wild, none of this "off with their heads" stuff,
Sue x

7:44 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Hi Sue,
I wouldn't dream of chopping the wee beastie's head off. But yes, if it becomes a problem (like they move into *our* living space) then we may have to resort to relocating them.

6:56 pm  

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