Saturday, October 22, 2005

Busy, busy ...

Mum and Dad are coming to stay today, so I've just managed to take my marigolds off for long enough to type something here. It's been far too long since I wrote anything.

It's Dad's 60th birthday, so I spent last night baking a cake. Naturally it took an hour longer than the recipe said; is slightly overdone at the edges and only just done (I hope) in the middle. Baking is not my forte.

I've registered for an OU Creative Writing course, a little bit against my better judgement. But it looks so perfect, and I do enjoy writing. I just don't do it 'just for myself'.

Last Wednesday, we had a 'school trip' for art class. We visited Compton Verney to see Luc Tuymans and Susan Hiller. I loved both exhibtions. It feels so right to be back in the world of visual art.

Last weekend, we had a houseful of lads who came for an epic bike-ride. They did 60 + miles from here to Stow-on-the-Wold and back. Meanwhile, my friend Jo came to keep me company and we did a sedate 15 miler which was quite enough for me, thank you.

The horses are back in the field at the bottom of the garden, and are always charming to look at. They always seem to be in some postcard pose.

I made a resolution to write in this everyday - some small observation or description. Anything to get me writing more than just morning pages.


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