Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Boy, did I enjoy art class today. Our challenge was to do a line drawing (no tone, just lines) by using paint to paint-in spaces around the lines, leaving dark lines to describe the shapes. Clear as mud? Well, it took me a good while to get it too.

We covered a large sheet of paper with charcoal, rubbing it in to create a dark background. We then sketched in a few lines, just to plot where objects were. Then we used white paint to define the lines that describe the outlines of the objects by painting around where the lines need to go, leaving the lines as the dark charcoal underneath. If I hadn't left my picture at college, I could show you.

Anyway - what it did was to make us think about how we use paint. We covered large areas with white paint, so we were encouraged to be thoughtful about how we chose to do that. What type of marks did we want to make? What type of brush-strokes? I love painting, and enjoyed making energetic and not awfully precise marks. I ended up with a painting that was not accurate, but quite a nice thing in itself. I'm so glad I'm doing this course.


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