Thursday, December 02, 2004


Well, thank goodness that's over!

I've been busy. Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday were spent preparing for my interview. It is amazing how much preparation I felt I needed to do for one 30 minute interview. However, by Tuesday evening, I felt ready for anything, and actually had a good night's sleep.

Yesterday morning, though, the adrenaline kicked in. You know, that horrible feeling that sits in your stomach, refuses food, and makes your hands shake pathetically. Although I was not consciously worrying about the interview, I was a physical wreck.

However, as soon as I walked into the reception area and started to meet people, I was absolutely fine. I met two other candidates who both seemed really nice people, enjoyed meeting the interviewers, felt interested and enthusastic about the job, and just had a good conversation really. There was a written exercise which I, once again, found my creative writing skills helped me with. Just knowing what to do with a blank sheet of paper was very helpful. I just started to write, wrote pages and pages, and then honed my final answer. No problem.

So now I'm waiting. For a phone call. I hate the way the phone dominates when I am waiting for a call. It seems to grow bigger, to fill the room with its silence. Perhaps I'll go for a walk, that's what answerphones were invented for.


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