Thursday, February 24, 2005


I've just received my first pack of commissioned greetings cards from our very own Fairhand All I can say is 'buy now'! These are even better - much better, in fact - in the flesh. It is impossible to appreciate the quality from a photograph. I shall be buying more (if supply can keep up with demand!)
By the way, it is still snowing here, but not settling. Somehow, although it is cold enough for it to be snowing, it is not cold enough on the ground for it to settle. I can never understand how that happens.
I've had my customary 'knackered and slobbing out' day yesterday (how can two days working be that exhausting? I still don't get it) and hope to get more done today. Not much writing happening at the moment. I seem to have lost the knack. Knitting is still where my creative energy lies, and I've only got one sleeve left to do before I can make up my sweater and add the neck. A photo shall follow when it's all done.
I quite fancy experimenting with yarns and stitches, and designing my own stuff. Since when have I been into textiles? What is going on here?


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