Saturday, August 13, 2005


Feeling very wobbly today. I had many anxiety dreams last night about moving to our new house. In one of them, I was hugging a friend and we were both crying. I think that upset me most.

Our friends came round this morning and I realised how much I will miss having them just round the corner. Scarlett asked for a 'big cuddle'. It's as if she knew.

We bumped into the lady that we had bought our current house from (8 years ago) in the Post Office this morning. She promised to keep an eye on the place! She agreed it is a hard house to leave; she still thinks of it as her house.

But I have to move on, don't I?

I made a list the other day of all the things I will enjoy:

- being able to get out on my bike (my only means of transport as I refuse to get a second car)
- going for walks from the back door and walking through countryside (rather than housing estates)
- starting my art and design foundation
- being able to get up at normal time (instead of with the birds) to get to work

I just wish we could have taken our house and our friends with us!


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