Thursday, September 22, 2005

Arty stuff

I started my art foundation course yesterday. This involved leaving the house at 7.15am to get there just in time for 9.30! And it's only in Birmingham. Still, I have the joy of seeing people's faces as I try and get on a busy commuter train with an A1 art portfolio case (that's BIG).

The Bournville College is in a leafy suburb. Very pleasant. As it's next door to Cadbury's, there are some rather tantalising smells. I walked back to the station along a path that winds through the factory, and my mouth was just watering as the chocolate caramel smell wafted out of the open windows. Oh, that is going to test my resolve, particularly as I will be hungry, and the path ends at the factory shop!

We arrived to chaos, as all years of the part time foundation met together in the basement. This was a lot of people. Thankfully, we soon split into year groups, which left about 18 in my year. It is difficult to tell how many there actually are. People kept turning up, there were some people on the register that weren't there, others who were but who weren't on the register. It's a case of 'go with the flow' I think, and I'm so glad I'm not the one having to keep records.

We didn't do any art. There was too much admin to do, reading through the course handbook and learning what support is available for students. We left early, so I got the train into Coventry and went to look at the ruined Cathedral. This is quite something. The impressive tower was untouched by the bombing, but the rest is a shell, the windows blown out and the roof missing.

I also visited the Herbert Gallery, where there was a display of work done by children on the theme of 'What is Art'? They'd done some lovely abstracts, experimenting with colour and mark-making, and there were some soundbites like "This is fun! Is it really art?" and "I don't like art, but I like this!" Their work was delightful; colourful, energetic and vibrant. Clearly, having fun produces good art!


Anonymous Benita said...

Hi Carole,

Good luck with the new course. Isn't the first day of term deliciously exciting? I don't think that that feeling ever goes away, it's like being a kid again.
Best writing (drawing, painting) and all that...

And talking of things delicious, being next door to Cadbury's will certainly test your resolve. I'm afraid I'd give in immediately. Wouldn't you like some chocolate to eat on the train journey home..?


1:19 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Hi Benita,

I do love that 'first day at new school' feeling. It's probably why I'm a perpetual student :)

Honestly, that chocolate smell - it's so tantalising because it is warm, somehow. My mouth was watering. There is no way I'm going to be able to resist. I'll just have to do more miles on that bike of mine!



1:33 pm  
Blogger Sue said...

Hi Carole,

Sounds a lovely first day, hope it continues to be exciting and that you do get to "do" art ... just reading your posting is making my mouth water!


8:43 pm  

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