Thursday, September 08, 2005

Better Than Life?

We popped out for a walk on Tuesday evening to smell the scents of evening, cool air releasing the sweetness of the hay. We strolled past a beautiful cotswolds stone cottage with flowers clustering around the door - then spotted the sign propped against the door post - 'Fresh Eggs for Sale'. A little old woman opened the door and smiled delightedly when we asked to buy some. £1.50 for a dozen. Why wouldn't you? They are beautiful, large and brown and still covered in ... well, they are clearly authentic.

Then last night, we went out for another stroll. We heard trotting, then saw a pony and trap, flanked by two outriders, trotting smartly past us. We'd only just recovered from this when we heard bells, shouting and an oompah band. There were two troupes of Morris Dancers in the beer garden of the Merrie Lion. How could we resist? We bought some drinks and watched the swirl of burgundy skirts and red and gold ribbons, listened to the jangle of bells and the stomping of shiny clogs, smiled at the happy sweating faces. It looks fun, I'll give it that.

Walking home, we asked each other - did that really happen? Or have we become game-heads?

(I hope you've read Red Dwarf)


Anonymous Benita said...

Hi Carole,

Your new home sounds idyllic, from your writing it also sounds like you've settled in as if you're meant to be there.

Here's an interesting thing that I've just come across in a poetry review. In Carola Luther's collection of poetry Walking The Animals, is a poem titled Pull. It is a soliloquy by the moon, who wishes she could jettison the earth, but "...I am betrayed/by the terror of my own absence. I am grey./My dust is livid with desire, my envious eyelid cold./I have to concede, I cannot drop her." I haven't read the poem yet, but I thought that it might interest you because of your poem Bollabus.

I always think that Morris Dancing looks fun, especially as it often seems to centre around beautiful pub gardens!


11:07 am  
Blogger Carole said...

Hi Benita,
Nice to see you here!

Thanks for the pointer to Carola's poem - how interesting! I will definitely try and get hold of it.

Yes, Morris Dancing looked like a great way to work up a thirst to quench with lots of real ale. There was a fair bit of that going on as well!


11:39 am  

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