Saturday, August 27, 2005

Once again - aren't libraries wonderful?

I'm currently sat typing frantically away in Banbury Library. We've arrived at our new home to find there is a fault on the BT line, and they can't get an engineer out for a month. Hence the continued Radio Silence.

Otherwise, the move went reasonably smoothly. Pickfords were amazing, best money we've ever spent. Their admin is not great, but when the boys turn up - wow!

We've managed to get all our furniture and boxes into the house (Remarkably. I couldn't believe how much stuff we had). Now we've just got to work out where to put it all.

Fenny Compton looks very promising indeed. We went for a walk last weekend, past rich hedgerows full of berries and rosehips, up to Burton Dassett country park which looks like sand dunes and is inhabited by sheep who just don't care about traffic at all. Wonderful place.

I hope anyone reading this is well, and hope to be able to communicate more soon when we get a phone line. Stay safe.


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