Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Diary of a Housewife

Today is hoovering day, because we've got two viewers. One has tentatively made an offer (hurrah!) but hasn't put her house on the market (boo). We also have some people booked in for Saturday.
Last Friday we actually saw some sunshine, and the weather was warm and springlike. So for the first time in months, I actually got out into the garden. The brambles had been having a ball, and needed some serious reining in. The grass is now almost completely smothered with moss, but I 'cut' the lawn anyway, the lawnmower bouncing over the squashy carpet. With some judicious wielding of secatares, and some gauging out of dandelions we now have a much tidier garden and an enormous pile of garden rubbish waiting for the garden waste collection on Saturday. It was also quite therapeutic spriritually, and good exercise physically.
We did a lot of walking at the weekend, again making the most of the weather. Just local walks (as we can't bear getting in the car at weekends), so walked into town on Saturday (and then got out again as fast as we could - urgh) and over to Wollaton Park on Sunday. The Park is popular with families, lots of kids with scooters, roller blades, footballs etc.
Not sure what I'll be doing this week - like I said somewhere else, I'm missing art terribly, but it is such a messy business and I live in a show home now. There's just no-where to put stuff. Still - I could go walking with a sketchpad at least. Need to make the most of this lovely spring weather!


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