Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh, for a paddling pool

It is so HOT today! It takes me back to Saturday, when we called round to T&A's. The paddling pool was out in the shade of the trees. Scarlett was lying in it, no clothes on, her face decorated in black and sparkling gold face-paints. With a little black nose and curved lines from her eyes, she looked dainty and cat-like. She scrambled up and then fell down again with a satisfying splash. Abi, in a chair beside the pool, bent down to brush water from her linen trousers.

Luke was trying to crawl. He leaned over, his arms waving in the air in front of him, reaching for the ground. But his legs just wouldn't get the message. They wobbled about as he tried to move them with odd jerks, his knees bending at random.

Scarlett raised her arms to Rick, demanding a cuddle, then dribbled a long streak of scarlet cherry juice. Rick held her at arm's length while Tony plied the toilet tissue. Rick and Scarlett went for a walk. Rick later told me that Scarlett told him what the names of all the vegetables were. Meanwhile, Luke enjoyed having the paddling pool to himself, splashing with the flats of his splayed out hands, blinking as the water hit his face. He smiled broadly, two tiny teeth just visible in his bottom gums.

Scarlett came to sit on my knee, clutching a tumbler of ribena.

"Do you want your nappy on?" said Tony with a nervous look at me.


"I think you should!" he crooned coaxingly.


"What about a swimming nappy?"

Scarlett looked thoughtful. "Yes."

I must admit, I felt much more secure with Nemo Nappy in place.


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