Thursday, May 04, 2006

Busy month

May is turning out to be rather on the busy side. Yesterday, I had a presentation to do at art college. It went pretty well, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone else's. We had to talk about a piece of art that we loved and one that we hated. I chose Damien Hirst 'One Thousand Years' as my hate, and a Pia Fries painting as my love.

Tomorrow, of course, is the deadline for my creative writing assignment. I'm about there, just allowing myself another night to sleep on it before the final polish.

Saturday I've got an early start as I'm running an all day career change workshop.

Sunday I intend to sleep, walk, drink gin, and sleep some more.

Monday and Tuesday I have to prepare for a career workshop that I am running on Thursday and Friday. Oh, and do my normal job at the same time.

Wednesday we have our end of year assessment at art college. I've just spent hours stuffing all my artwork into plastic display sleeves - only to find that when I put them all in my portfolio case, the rings won't stay shut. Rats.

Thursday/Friday, as I said, I'm running a workshop.

Saturday, we've got friends coming to stay for the weekend.

Meanwhile, I'd quite like to do some drawing. But when?


Anonymous Beth said...

Blimey, when are you going to draw breath?

I looked at the Pia Fries paintings. I really like Schwarzwild. And Boundary is kind of cool too.

5:51 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

She's good, isn't she?

As for drawing breath, well, I get to do that in just over a week's time :)

7:25 am  

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