Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Joys of Spring

It's such a beautiful day today that it warrants a blog entry. Blue sky - proper, cerulean blue with no clouds. The sun is out and getting higher in the sky every day. I'm feeling weary from a long bike ride, spinning past daffodils at their golden prime; lambs curled up in the sunshine or racing around with each other; and primroses blooming in gardens. Gorgeous.

I've also read Chapter 8 and managed to write some pieces for a tutorial on point of view. Still got all the Chapter 8 exercises to do though, and one left from Chapter seven. And no ideas at all for my next assignment as yet.

I'm planning to do some drawing later as I am falling behind badly on EDM challenges. And I've got a stack of art holiday homework to do. But it's all such fun! How can I complain at a to do list like that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you are doing better than me, I am behind with work on A215 as well as an evening class I go to. Beautiful day though with sun shining and daffodils smiling.

4:28 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Daffodils smiling - they do smile, don't they?

8:56 pm  

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