Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cats and Babies

I do love the insights that I gain into the world of a parent when we go and see our friends T&A. We popped round this afternoon. A. needed to take her cat to the vet. Sadly, he has a cancerous growth on his cheek. He has quite a number of homes now. This is difficult, because he's supposed to take tablets twice a day. She's tracked down one house that he goes to, and they have told her about some other neighbours who also have him. Apparently one lot of neighbours tied a note to his collar, which was then removed by another set of neighbours. They finally all tracked each other down, and A has been distributing tablets in the hope that somehow he will get them.
So today, she tried to coax her 2 year old daughter into showing R her book while she set off to look for the cat. "Would you mind staying?" she asked. "It might make things a bit easier." Eventually, she returned having tried various houses, but no joy. So the vet appointment was cancelled (clever cat). At which point, R and I left them to juggle cats and children. What a full-on life they have. It's so nice and quiet here.


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