Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fit for Something

Earlier this year a leaflet dropped through my door for a free 'Fit for Life' course run by Loughborough College. So, never one to turn down help where I think I could do with some, I signed up.
Today I got the train and then bus to Loughborough College for a health checkup and fitness test. Given the amount of walking just to get there, I'd already raised my heartbeat several notches by the time I arrived. I was met by a slim, fit young university student who was my tutor (!). The first stage was to change into my swimsuit and swimcap (I'm sure there was a camera in that room) and then climb into a machine that looked like a flight simulator. This was called a 'BodPod' and measured my fat composition. It was a bit like being in an MRI scanner. Anyway, I came out top end of normal (or a bit on the podgy side).
Then I was measured all over, my blood pressure taken and my 'resting' heartrate (which was, not surprisingly, a bit high).
Then onto the fitness test. I had to climb on and off a step for 3 minutes. Easy, huh? I was beetroot by the end of the 3 minutes, but thankfully my heartrate had not embarassed me by shooting off the scale. Then a minute of situps (oh, I'm going to hurt tomorrow) and press-ups (I cheated as much as I possibly could).
I think the overall verdict is I'm hanging in there, but now have plenty motivation to improve my fitness levels. Or that's the theory.


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