Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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I've listened to a lot of music today - on the phone, whilst holding to talk to gas, electricity, insurance, council, and water people. I think I've done it all.

I've also labelled furniture with the name of the room it will move into; sorted out our tangle of various keys; arranged to drop keys off; tried and failed to arrange to pick keys up (which is a little disturbing); completed the handover file for our buyers; and made up a survival kit of toilet rolls, light bulbs etc. like wot Pickfords suggest.

I have now got to start tidying up and cleaning. I've been putting it off. Although, what's the point when we're going to have movers trampling about the place? I'm still not sure how the moving day is going to work. Once the van is packed, we've got to run round with a hoover and take keys to the estate agent and still get to our new place to let the removal people in. How?


Anonymous Beth said...


's easy

1) Removal vans go slower than cars
2) Removal men have to stop for tea and bacon sarnies, at regular intervals
3) Only loonies hoover out as they go ;-)

You'll do it all and be waiting a long time for the van to turn up at the other end. Honest.

And, if you really want to clean up - ask the men to empty a room at a time. Clean each one as it empties, then you only have to back out of the hall as the van drives off.

The people moving in will hoover before their furniture arrives, whether or not you have done it. Just as you will when you get to the other end. It makes no sense for both parties to do the same job.

That's the way that I see it anyway.

It is a given - that you will be sat, looking at your watch and wondering "have they broken down?". Happens every time. Or, as in our case in the move before last - they do actually get a flat en-route and don't have a pump with them....

5:35 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

A pump?? I've got this wonderful vision of a bloke crouching by a van with a bike pump. Wonderful!

Thanks for this, Beth. It's very reassuring to hear.

When we moved into this house, I came on ahead with the hoover, but was so excited that I just scampered round, looking in all the rooms, and didn't get to hoover before the furniture arrived. Thankfully, the previous people had hoovered. :) You've got all this to come - before too long, hopefully!

8:50 pm  
Anonymous Beth said...

Yes - she's already washing the kitchen floor.

It's pointless, and I told her not to bother. What with 2 dogs and several pairs of removal mens' boots (and no doubt a rainy day) - it's just futile.

6:08 pm  

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