Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This afternoon, the residents of Fenny Compton were treated to the sight of a strange woman, plastic bag in hand, walking round the village apparently staring at her feet. Occasionally she'd stop, poke around in the dirt and shove something in the plastic bag. Then suddenly she turned and marched back in the direction from which she'd come.

An explanation is due I feel. Trying to think of ideas of objects to add into my handmade paper, I suddenly thought of leaves. Realising that most would by now be decaying in the hedgerows, I dashed out to salvage what I could. I got a reasonable haul, and now have some drying on the floor of my den, and a flower press stuffed with the rest, along with a few rose petals from the garden (at this time of year!)

Meanwhile, I've made another batch of paper with bits of tissue paper torn in, which is almost as good as rose petals. :)


Anonymous Beth said...

It sounds as though you ar ehaving great fun. I am still v envious.

Somebody sent me a pressed Ginko leaf, from Wisconsin, yesterday. It would look very fine as an inclusion. You may get lucky and receive it in the mail one day.

As for roses, we have rose buds in our garden, even at this latitude. I think that they will get a nasty shock tonight - maybe I should go out and pick them before the snow starts, and bring them on in the house?

6:00 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

The roses may appreciate a warm home!

6:26 pm  

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