Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Feeling Earthy

I put some sunflower seeds out last week. Boy, are they popular! We've suddenly got flocks of blue-tits and coal-tits, and the occasional gold-finch. So I nipped out today to give them a refill, as they'd nearly scoffed the lot. And so I can now report that there are signs of life from the bulbs - the leaves are just pushing through the earth. Good timing.

I don't know whether it's making me feel 'earthy', but I got my lump of clay out this afternoon. It had dried out a bit, so I pulled some lumps off, watered them and started to knead it to soften it up. This got very messy, but was great fun. When it was workable again, I started to form it into shapes, working intuitively with no outcome in mind. I now have three pieces, which I'm leaving to dry. Two of them are a bit Henry Moore-ish, but definitely not 3 tonnes :)

I've also commenced making up the cotton t-shirt top that I've been knitting for months. I've only got the sleeves to stitch now - I've set them in with knotted threads and am hoping the stitching will be straightforward.

I've also started my Colinette hat. I just love Point Five.


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