Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside ...

Whitby in Winter. You can't beat it. The wind was howling through the double-glazing, blowing the external door open and hammering the hail against the windows. But we didn't care, because we were cozy in our cottage overlooking the harbour. On Saturday morning, I was sitting in bed looking at the waves curling over into white horses. A dark blue line crept towards the right hand harbour wall. Two minutes later, the view disappeared into a complete whiteout, punctuated by lightening. It was all over again by the time Rick came out of the shower.

Inbetween squalls, we managed to shuffle round the cobbled streets, well wrapped up. I had a wonderful time in Bobbins wool shop, which is inside an old church hall and sells Colinette yarns. I succumbed to a hank of rich purples, pinks, greens and blues which is destined to become yet another hat. I also bought a craft pack of yarns with a view to constructing something with my hand-made paper.

We attempted to look around the Abbey, but the wind was fierce enough up there to chase us back inside. No problem; they had this bench where you could put a piece of paper over a plate of lettering, rub a crayon over it and create your own manuscript. Lots of inky stamps stood near at hand to decorate the edges with. Once the six-year olds had finished hogging it, I had a great time.

Batteries should definitely be recharged, as we must have had about ten hours sleep each night. No excuse for feeling tired now.

On the way home, we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It has grown another gallery space, currently showing a light installation. There was an exhibition and sale of crafts, and I found some found object sculptures which I really liked. Perhaps I've found something to do with the bits of driftwood that I picked up in Whitby - half way up the street, I might add. The tide obviously came up pretty high.

I felt overwhelmingly creative up there - partly due to looking round some of the galleries, and drooling over the oil paintings. I found myself getting my journal out and jotting down all the creative projects I could do. A list I can return to now I'm home again with all my materials around me.


Anonymous Beth said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me, Carole. I love both Whitby and the Sculpture Park. Did you spot any missing Henry Moores while you were there?

And that knitting shop is fabulous, isn't it?

4:12 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

We didn't really stay at YSP long enough to do a full audit! Why, have some gone missing?

Bobbins is gorgeous. I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop, and Rick got thoroughly bored. I had to go again on my own so I could just stand and stare. Choosing something to buy took ages, as I'm on a limited budget. I'm happy with my choice, though.

4:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, have some gone missing?

A 3 tonne Henry Moore went missing from the Henry Moore Foundation over the weekend.

Bobbins is expensive, isn't it? Do they still do Kaffe Fasset kits? and those hand knitted denim shaded Guernsey sweaters? Years ago they were over £100 apiece. Can't imagine what they must cost now.

I wonder where my knitting is? I never did do more than an inch and a half of sock... I haven't seen my knitting bag since we moved.

8:19 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

A 3 tonne Henry Moore went missing from the Henry Moore Foundation over the weekend.

It wasn't us, Guv, honest!

Bobbins is expensive, as they only do specialist wools so far as I can tell. They had the denim wool jumpers and wool (I didn't look at the prices) but I didn't see any of the KF kits. I think they've mostly gone over to Colinette. They had a massive selection of Colinette yarns and some of the kits. They've also made up some of their own kits, like throws and shawls, from a dizzying selection of yarns. These were way beyond my price range, though.

I was wondering if you had ever finished your socks!

9:14 am  

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