Thursday, February 02, 2006


Still writing sludge at the moment, but I am writing. This is something.

Attempted papier mache this morning. I had a cone from the centre of 250g of cotton yarn, which I kept as I liked the shape. I covered this in cling film. I wanted to try using handmade paper, so I chose some sheets that I didn't care too much about. First, I tried pre-soaking them. Bad idea. They fell apart. I managed to get a layer onto the cone, then applied wallpaper paste. Too gloopy. Far too gloopy. Sludge, in fact. I tried putting dry pieces of paper over the top. Too dry. Glue oozing out like jelly. I moulded the soggy mess as best I could round the cone and I've left it to dry. I have no idea how it will turn out. I'm hoping it will shrink and tighten as it dries, and form a hard shell. We'll see.

I did another illustrated journal entry, using watercolour this time. I may scan it in later; I'm feeling lazy right now.

I looked through an old newspaper for some interesting news stories, and found one about the girl who stole from her employer to pay her boyfriend's gambling debts. The story in here that has energy for me is the way women will do such daft things for blokes. I had a misplaced relationship once. I might write about it one day, although I'm not sure I want to revist the experience.

It has been COLD today. I've not been out for my walk, and I feel sludgy as a result. Sludgy and sleepy. Time to curl up with my book of collage, assemblage and found object art that I found in the college library yesterday.

Edit: Here's the journal entry:-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another coincidence here, in one of the books I am reading the author mentions looking through old papers to get ideas for stories. He said a good writer is a good stealer, in fact one quote was probably one you have heard - Plagiarism is stealing from one person. stealing from many is research.
I am sill journaling everyday at least for a little while and I have found it really loosens the word flow alot.
No art work in mine; I don't have that talent.

10:50 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Hi Connie,
I love that quote! Shakespeare stole all his plots. In one of the writing classes I went to once, the tutor told us how to 'gut the bones' of a plot from someone else's story. He said it was a good way to learn about constructing a plot with a good pace - varying from fast to slow and so on, so the story is neither too breathless, nor too slow.

Glad you are still journalling.


8:35 am  

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