Friday, February 10, 2006

Spring - but COLD

I had to de-ice the birdbath again this morning. Almost immediately afterwards (hopefully enough time for it to cool) the sparrows were gulping water greedily. Poor things were clearly parched.

I've just been out for a walk. I've seen:
a) sunshine
b) snowdrops
c) tiny weeny wobbly newborn lambs, their woolly coats still damp. Both mum and babies managed to stay on their feet long enough to feed the lambs, before they all collapsed exhaused onto the grass. I *love* lambs. It is the bestest bit about spring.
d) the birds were singing all their best spring songs
e) a lady was hanging her washing out on the line

It's SPRING! It is, it is!

Constance: I'll pop out later and take some photos for you.

Edit: Here you go! The farmer was just visiting them as I was taking these, and the lambs were bleating. I love the sound of lambs.


Anonymous Beth said...

No it isn't. There's snow on the ground!


11:46 am  
Blogger Carole said...

Rick will be pleased. It's his ice climbing trip coming up next week. Do you know the forecast for next week?

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Beth said...


Steve says the Mountain Weather Service is very good and very acurate, but only covers the next couple of days.

Generally: wetter, warmer, and windier.

Prolly not what he wants to hear.

Are you coming up with him?

1:06 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Thanks for the link.

Wet, warm and windy isn't what he's hoping for. He should have come up this week by the sound of things.

I did moot the idea of coming up with him, but this met with a frosty reception. It's a boys road trip, you see. Apparently I don't understand. But he has said we can plan a trip up together sometime, so keep the t-bags handy. :)

2:19 pm  

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