Thursday, March 02, 2006

Progress today, I think ...

In art class yesterday, as I painted an abstract image based on one of my photo collages, my tutor said I was a natural painter (yay!) and had a good eye for colour. It's nice to get some positive reinforcement of my college work. He also introduced me to Pia Fries. These aren't great reproductions of her work, but she does thick, textural oilpaintings with a strong design element to them (I think). Luscious.

Today I've finally bitten the bullet, pulled all my TMA preparation notes together, and created a draft poem. I feel better for doing that. It was starting to feel like an impossible task, lots of freewriting seeming to go nowhere.

I've done some drawing today - although I'm being a bit hard on myself about the outcome. Here is one that I did from a postcard from the Pitt Rivers Museum


Blogger Arty Velarde said...

That is so neat, the way you did the red outline is so striking!
Oh, and your self portrait, you don't look mean...honest. I think it's great you did it from "life" and not from a photo.

5:22 pm  

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