Friday, February 17, 2006

Mostly A215 news

I've had a reasonably productive couple of days. I worked my way through most of Chapter 4 yesterday, although I got stuck on the news item exercise (find a news item and then do some research to find 3 new facts.) I don't normally buy newspapers or read the news because most of it is so depressing that I'd end up in therapy if I did. Can anyone point me to a cute little news item that won't make me want to cut my throat?

I've started to do some freewriting for TMA01, and I've finally worked out how clusters are working for me. They don't seem to be useful to find associated words or ideas, but they do seem to trigger memories. And as I do more of them, I find that patterns seem to emerge. There seem to be memories that get repeated. Perhaps these are the things that I need to be writing about. One of them has emerged whilst freewriting on the topic of 'a hand'. It's a memory of my Great Aunt. I can see my final piece could be nothing at all to do with the triggering word.

More lambs today. I walked out to the back field, and there were loads of them, bleating loudly. They've all arrived at once it would appear. There were two tiny ones sleeping in the sun, with their mother standing protectively over them as I walked past. Others were much braver, and danced in front of me.

I needed to pay a personal carbon tax to offset the flight that we are taking to Spain to see Mum and Dad's place. There's a really useful website if you ever need to do this. They use the money to fund sustainable energy and reforestation projects that will offset carbon emissions.


Anonymous Beth said...

I wandered off to Ananova today. They have a section on "quirky" news. I've been watching the BBC news site for some days, but the news is all dull, or political, or war-like. So I thought I'd try quirky :-)

There's an item about a man adopting a 16ft crocodile as a pet...

I also bought the local rag while in Tesco. There's a 63 year-old granny about to do a wing-walk.

Or how about the man selling his mother's ashes on eBay? A penny a sachet - the aim is to have her ashes scattered in the places she never managed to visit. I'd volunteer, but as she came from Inverness... the same man is selling his soul on eBay, as an atheist he feels he doesn't need it for himself. You'll find the story linked from the BBC Scotland news page.

When are you going to SPain? and what kind of trees are you going to plant where?

Oh, and if Rick is still up here - he's likely to get a lot of snow tonight.

8:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gawd, the news is terrible, even if they are just snippets at times, they are still awful. I agree with the throat cutting remedy, too
Gee, your description of the lambs sounds so peaceful. Gosh, it must be beautiful there.
Can you give me more information on clusters?
It feels like spring here today. Almost everyone has a cold or sore throat or both.

8:47 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Thanks for the news items. These are more appealing. We are going to Spain in the middle of March for just under a week. We are not planting trees directly (did that last November - dogwood and oak near Daventry) but giving money to an organisation that then funds reforestation projects. Rick is still up your way - he's camping in Aviemore. He comes back tomorrow. So he's going to get more snow is he? That'll be another hillwalk day then. Avalanche risk too high for climbing.

Connie - Clustering is where you write a trigger word in the middle of the page e.g. hands, purple, spiders - and then write down word associations as branches coming off that trigger word. The thing ends up looking like a spider diagram, or a mind map. You make one branch until that runs out of steam, then start a new one. I'll scan one in for you if it helps. It is designed to help capture associations quickly in a non-linear way.
Sorry to hear about all the colds!


9:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, I called it associations; duh, I didn't recognize it as clustering, but it definitely makes sense to call it that.
Did you hear about the whippet that won at the Westminster(NY) dog show and then bolted when they tried to put him on the plane? I don't think they have found him yet. That could make a good story.
Can you post a pic of those sheep?

1:27 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

I wonder if they ever found the whippet? His story would be fun to write.

I took some pictures today, but my batteries went flat, so I can't post them until they've recharged. Watch this space!

7:34 pm  

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