Monday, November 29, 2004

I shouldn't be here ...

Why am I here? I'm supposed to be preparing for my interview.

Anyway, this morning was our last creative writing session with Dave Woods - and as I foolishly gave you this address, some of you might be reading this! I told you - it's only a diary. It's a shame the classes have finished. Dave's approach is fun and playful, I recommend his classes to anyone.

If any of you are reading this (you know who you are), Will suggested using one of these 'blog' thingies to share our writing with each other. I said I'd mention it, and then forgot. (Senility beckons, such a shame, so young ...) If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll be happy to set one up for us. It's dead easy, honest.

This afternoon saw me using my creative writing skills to pose interview questions to myself. I then let my pen whizz away to answer them. Sort of interview rehearsal. If only I could hand the written pages to my interviewer! One day and counting ...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Be glad when it's over ...

Much of my headspace taken up with impending interview at present. But I did get out for a walk this morning, a good muddy stomp over fields to the garden centre for lunch. Got back and had to get my head down for a snooze. That's how fit I am. The only writing I've been doing is notes for interview preparation. Life seems a tad one-dimensional if I'm honest. Be glad when next Wednesday is over.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Web designer or careers adviser?

This morning, I had an appointment with a hearing therapist. She was very good, encouraging me to tell people what I need them to do - look directly at me, speak more clearly etc. God bless the NHS, the support I've had has been fantastic. I've got ottosclerosis which is a progressive hearing loss. Fortunately, hearing aids are very effective for this condition.

This afternoon, I'd just settled down to get on with some more amateur website development when the phone rang.

"It's about your application for the careers adviser role ... we'd like to invite you to an interview."

I put the phone down - and PANICKED! But after much preparation and research into the job, and support from some of my online friends, I'm feeling calmer now. Thank goodness. I know I can do the job, after all. But do I HAVE to climb into a suit? Urgh.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hey - now I'm a web designer!

I'm sitting in front of a well-thumbed book on creating web pages, and feeling distinctly chuffed. After several attempt to create html files, I discovered Note Tab by Fookes software. After a couple of hours work, I'd created three linked web pages! I've finally got the hang of it. So now I can start to build those websites I've got in mind.

Perhaps this afternoon's burst of creativity was stimulated by my walk this morning. Determined to get out of the house on such a glorious autumn day, I walked to Wollaton Park. There is a huge lake there, and the echoing calls of the birds and the splashes and ripples in the water were immensely soothing.

Flowing today, definitely flowing ...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mostly ebbing ...

My guide just phoned. She knows me better than I know myself, I think. We agreed
a) I know what I need to do
b) I'm getting in my own way.

I've spent today mostly on the PC, editing a collection of my writing over the last year, searching the internet for courses, reading Dave Wood's ghosts and shadows blog ( and writing. Mostly an ebbing day today, until the phone call.

I've sent for details of a Lancaster online writing course. It doesn't start until January 24th, more's the pity.

I hate these dark, short days. Another winter to hibernate. Roll on the spring.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Now what am I up to?

Here's me, attempting to set up my own blog. Who knows how long this will last?

What made me do this, then? I've been having another wierd day. It started well, with plans and intentions - and faded into lethargy by afternoon. Again. So I find myself at the PC, writing a website. Or trying to. I'm new to this, so don't get anywhere fast. Got bored.

Then remembered my creative writing tutor telling us about Blogger this morning. And my trAce course in the summer, also talking about Blogging.

So I've set one up. It will make me write. I'm learning to write, you see. I'll get around to putting my fav books on here sooner or later, but for now let's just say that Natalie Goldberg got me writing. So I hope to write me down on these pages. Write down life just as it is - the boring bits, the juicy bits, the downright unbelievable bits. All in bits, which is how it is.

As I say - let's just see how long this one will last.